Perfection, Progress, and Do-It-All Culture

Have you ever been absolutely perfect? Of course not…

If you're an exceptional student, for example, you’ve still made mistakes or missed an answer, detail, or word here or there.

If you’re an outstanding parent, you’re the first to acknowledge that you've fallen short, lost your patience, or made mistakes along the way.

The best athletes in any sport will quickly tell you what they did wrong, what could’ve been better, and how they can improve.

Even the best of the best make mistakes, slip up, or have an off day.

Because they’re human. And so am I, and so are you, friend. 

Yet, even knowing that perfection is unattainable, many of us still strive for it, beating ourselves up every time we fall even the slightest bit short.

Somehow, even with the knowledge that perfection is impossible, we still feel like we’ve failed.

But what does the Bible say about perfection, mistakes, and shame?

Continue reading to find out!


I, like many women, put a lot of pressure on myself when it comes to motherhood.

Being a mother is the most holy and humbling title I’ve ever been given.

…Did I mention humbling? 

I have never been more aware of my imperfections and shortcomings than I am since becoming a mom. 

My lack of patience. My selfishness. My desire for control. 

I mean it when I say the list goes on and on. And no amount of babysitting, nannying, working in church nurseries, nor having nearly a dozen nieces and nephews could have prepared me to be the ‘perfect’ mom. 

I became a mom nearly 3 years ago, and I’m still constantly trying to remind myself that there’s no such thing as a perfect mom.

And despite having a bright, beautiful, thriving daughter, I still feel like I’m not good enough most days.

Like I should somehow be doing more, AND my house should be cleaner, I should be on a strict and regimented workout plan, all while being a better mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and employee. 

Well, if I can’t be perfect - I should at least be doing more. 

Then the cycle repeats itself. Do more. Do better. Try to be perfect. Feelings of failure, guilt, and not being good enough. Repeat cycle. 

Maybe that sounds familiar? 

Maybe for you, it’s your career, your home, or your appearance. 

Some of it’s self-imposed, some of it is society. But it’s easy to feel like you need to be ALL the things, all the time. 

But God calls us down a different path, and the Bible tells a different story.


Throughout Scripture, God often prescribes rest for His people. Even God created the world and took a day of rest on the seventh day (Genesis 2:1-3).

The Bible tells us that rest is an act of worship in a world that treats rest like laziness. 

God commanded the Israelites to rest from work one day a week. Jesus modeled rest often throughout the New Testament by taking a step back and going somewhere quiet to pray. 

Mark 6:31 speaks of the constant hustle and bustle, do-more approach with this: Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even find time to eat, he said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.’”

We weren’t created to do it all.

There’s no verse in Scripture that tells us we need to be the best at everything, we need to do it all, or we should push ourselves to the point of burnout. 

That’s a lie from the enemy that seeks to tear us down, fill us with guilt, and make us feel like we’ve failed.

Because the enemy doesn’t want to see us bear fruit. He only wants to see us struggle and suffer.  


I’m no expert, but when I face a dilemma like the perfection-over-progress cycle, I usually find that the answer is “More of God, less of me”.

I’m the one who’s pushing myself too far. I’m the one who never feels good enough. I’m the one who keeps chasing perfection, ignoring the grace waiting for me at every turn. 

That’s not from God.

God says rest. God says pray about it. God says lay down your burdens. 

God gives grace when the world demands more. 

Another excuse I commonly use is “Well there’s too much to get done. I don’t have time to rest.”

Years and years ago, I heard a quote from Wanda Brunstetter that has stuck with me ever since

“If you’re too busy to pray, you’re far busier than God wants you to be” 

If my time is so full that it’s pushing me away from God… it’s too full. If I can’t rest in Him and take the time to pray - I’m the one who needs to reset and reevaluate my priorities.

We live in an instant gratification world. There will ALWAYS be something else demanding your time, attention, and focus. 

Choose Jesus. Choose rest. Choose to refill your cup and bear fruit in a world that tells you you’re not doing enough. Choose to trust God and His word, instead of the enemy’s lies. 

Your faith makes you whole. Not another task, title, or commitment. 

I hope you find rest in these truths, friends. I know I need to.

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